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Exceptional Approach

Because we're not just another road building company. RoadMax's founders started with the express vision of providing the best possible eco-friendly products to get the job done right the first time, from inception to completion, and in a time-efficient, cost-efficient, and ecologically compliant manner.


Whether your project requires permanent dust control, embankment stabilization, sub-grade modification, green paving using industrial polymer as a bonding agent, or any other stabilizing need, RoadMax is the right choice for you.

Leading Technology

Our "mixed in technique" uses the Macadam road building system and takes it one step further. Once the road surface has been properly prepared, the bonding polymer is "mixed in" at the correct application rate. The road is then graded, crowned and compacted to create a smooth, tight surface that resists erosion and traffic shear.

Economic Solutions

Our road build system combines high solids liquid polymer with soil to build strong, durable, roads. This proven road building technique is a cost effective alternative to traditional road building methods. Protecting stockpiles from wind and water erosion using traditional methods is a full time job. Canvas tarps and plastic covers are costly, time consuming, to maintain and easily break down. Often their use results in poor containment of the pile, compounded by a labor-intensive cleanup and disposal.

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